Balicasag is a small island off to the coast of Panglao, Bohol. The marine sanctuary has a wonderful white sand beach and beautiful corals in shallow and deep waters.

Balicasag Island Bohol is truly an incredible destination for tourists in the island of Bohol, especially for those who are sea lovers. You can choose whether you want to go diving, island hopping, snorkeling, and dolphin watching. Dolphin watching is the most popular to do early in the morning not later than 7am. You can also simply enjoy on the white shores and go swimming on the shallow waters of the sea.

Diving in Balicasag is quite famous too because of its marine life. There are turtles, and various of corals to see in different depths of the sea. The marine sanctuary of the island highlights a wall dive that runs over 200 meters deep. You can see live corals and plants protruding from walls. Get a chance to encounter schools of jackfish in this area, as well as other vibrant species of fish and marine life.

Probably the most popular dive point in Balicasag, The Black Forest is a steep slope that extends to about 40 meters deep. It is named black forest because of the wonderful black corals abundant in the area. You can also encounter barracudas, eels, school of jacks, and many other colorful species of fish, corals, and plants.