The home of the famous Chocolate Hills, Bohol is one of the most visited destinations in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines. The island province offers breathtaking spots for history buffs, beach lovers, and adrenaline junkies. Bohol is comprised of one major island and 73 smaller ones surrounding it, so you’ll have plenty of places to explore during your trip here. One thing’s for sure: You’ll enjoy every second of your stay and love the diversity that Bohol offers.

See and Do
A Bohol experience would never be complete without visiting the Chocolate Hills. These geological wonder is spread over an area of 50 square kilometers and covers the towns of Carmen, Sagbayan, Bilar, Sierra Bullones and Valencia. These grass-covered hills turn brown during the summer hence the coined name, Chocolate Hills. To encounter something wild, head over to the Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary in the town of Corella and meet the smallest primate in the world – the Philippine Tarsier. These cute, furry creatures measures the size of an adult human thumb and are active at night.

For marine adventures, play with the dolphins residing near Pamilacan Island or take a plunge into the deep by exploring the coral gardens of Panglao, Balicasag and Cabilao Islands. But if you just want to relax under the sun, then take a refreshing dip or lounge at the beaches of Panglao and Anda.

Adrenaline junkies can take a walk at the wild side at Danao’s Adventure Park. Float through the river, zip over a canyon, walk on air over a gorge or simply take a plunge over a ravine, Danao has the answers for your pent-up energy. For family-safe adventures, the Chocolate Hills Complex has zip bikes, nature trails, playgrounds and food centers for a complete family fun activity.

History buffs will appreciate the heritage and cultural treasures of the island. Bohol houses more than 10 national and important cultural treasures including old-houses, centuries old stone churches and watchtowers spread over the northwestern and southern coast of the island. The most accessible of these are located in the capital city of Tagbilaran.

Where to Stay
Choosing your accommodation in Bohol depends on your budget. There are plenty of options available including budget hotels, homestays and luxury resorts. However, we would recommend to stay in DOT-Accredited Accommodations to be sure that its safe, legitimate and upto standards.

Tourist spot you can visit in BOHOL