A great alternative to enjoy the best of nature is by cruising along the vicinity by riding a horse. Although not widely offered in Bohol yet, there are some horseback riding opportunity in Bohol.

Why not try riding a Carabao also? Carabao is widely used in the island of Bohol, so it is easy to find somebody specially local farmers who can assist you for a chance to ride a carabao and watch them actually doing farming work. Most farmers in Bohol still needs carabao to help cultivate the rice fields in preparation to rice planting.

The Municipality of Loboc in Bohol is just a small town but definitely famous not only because of the remarkable  Loboc Children’s Choir but also because of the wonderful attractions: The Loboc River Cruise, Hanging bridge and the latest El Sumampong Farm. Since we wanted new route and new places aside from the usual itinerary of the Bohol day tour, we included the El Sumampong Farm as one of the places to go.

They offer horseback riding for only P20/pax per round at the track and a range from P150 to P200/pax for an hour of trail ride which lets you travel towards the mountain tops and the cave as well.