The Loboc River Cruise in Loboc town is a significant highlight in most Bohol countryside tours. It usually comes inclusive of a generous buffet lunch, or dinner served right on the raft. This floating restaurant also has singers and musicians onboard to serenade guests while they enjoy popular Filipino dishes.

The river cruise starts from Loay Bridge near the Church of San Pedro. Midway through the 1-hour cruise, the raft stops in front of a large hut for a short performance by more singers and dancers dressed in traditional baro’t saya. The raft moves along the river until it reaches a small portion of Busay Falls, from which it maneuvers for the return trip.

Tickets and entry:

Local businesses run the river cruises. Tickets cost varies per person, depending on the operator. Queues to ride the river cruise may take more than 30 minutes, especially on weekends.

Best time to visit: 

As far as weather is concerned, December-March is the perfect time to visit Bohol because there is not much rain. Peak seasons are late December and Holy Week. April-July is also preferable, but as the rainy season closes in, expect periodic rainfall.

The hours of operation for boarding the cruise vary but mostly runs from 10 AM to 3 PM.

Frequently asked questions

Is the Loboc River clean?

The narrow Loboc River is very clean. From the surface, it glimmers a milky jade, thanks to the ferns that grow along the banks. The river meanders through a chain of mountains over a drainage area of 520 kilometers toward the Bohol Sea. Its various nooks and sharp curves create rather cozy sections that encourage a tranquil and private atmosphere, even if one is onboard a touristy buffet cruise raft.

How many hours does a Loboc River cruise last?

It usually lasts 45 minutes to an hour, depending on your tour package (e.g., buffet lunch inclusion).

Why is Loboc River Green?

The reflection on the color of the leaves causes its greenish hue.

How do you get to Loboc River Cruise?

The town of Loboc is situated about 24 kilometers from the city of Tagbilaran. You can go to Dao Bus Terminal, which has city buses and jeepneys going to Loboc. It takes around one hour by public transport from Tagbilaran and about 40 minutes by private transportation such as a van or v-hire.